I'm a Software Engineer based in Portland, Oregon. I have multiple years of experience in both the Ruby and JavaScript ecosystems. I recently co-created Satellite, an open source GraphQL based backend-as-a-service.

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More About Me

I have experience with Ruby, JavaScript, Rails, React/Redux, HTTP, Git, Node.js, the Linux command line, SQL, Distributed Systems, and Docker.

I've built a number of personal and open source web applications. My most recent project was a months-long collaboration. Read more below.

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Recent Projects


Satellite is an open-source GraphQL Backend-as-a-Service that makes it easy to get a GraphQL API up and running to power the frontend of your dynamic web application.

It abstracts away all of the complexity of creating a GraphQL backend so that you can deploy your application faster. Once deployed, Satellite leverages Kubernetes as a container orchestrator to allow you to host as many GraphQL backends as you need, configurable through a straightforward admin GUI.